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Partnering With Couples In Navigating Their Relationship

Are you and your partner experiencing challenges that seem to be irreparable? Are you all looking to grow and strengthen your relationship? If so, you are in the right place. Temple Builders, LLC is here to teach, model, and facilitate active communication between you and your partner. We will assist you and your partner with navigating through the ups and downs of your relationship. While focusing on resolving the concerns of the relationship itself, we also will cater to the self-awareness and improvement of the individual. This allows the person to deal with his or her problems that may be affecting the relationship.

During couple sessions, you each will be provided with the chance to speak and listen. You will rediscover each other’s strengths and learn how to support each other’s weaknesses. We will help guide you and your partner in learning better problem-solving skills. It is our hope that by taking these steps our couples will not leave us the same way they came.

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